Product Advantages

Excellent performance

Using a mesh architecture, the network communication between virtual machines adopts point-to-point direct connection

Standard compliant

Delivered functions and components are completely standard, universal and compatible, and in terms of operability, it is similar to the management of traditional physical equipment

Safe and reliable

Guarantee 100% layer-2 isolation between different VPCs, support dynamic IP loading for any host, configure firewall and load balancing rules

Hyperscale deployment

A single VPC network can manage 60,000+ virtual devices, supporting various complex network architectures

Product Features

Route push

Specify routes for hosts in the router, including default routes and static routing rules for hosts

Port forwarding

Add port forwarding rules to allow access to private network internal services from the Internet or the underlying network

DNS configuration

Bind domain names to resources in the private network through DNS configuration, and each domain name can specify multiple private network IPs

DHCP service

The DHCP service provides IP address allocation for the private network, and the allocated addresses are all fixed addresses

Intranet domain name alias

The intranet domain name alias has better readability and can be accessed as a unified domain name for intranet services

Border router

It can be used to connect the physical host network and cloud server network under the same VPC at high speed