Product Advantages

High Reliability

Industry-leading erasure coded storage solution that provides data reliability of up to 11 nines. Replica redundancy across data centers ensures ultra-high availability of services.

Low Cost

You don't need an upfront investment. The convenience of on-demand use and pay-as-you-go of CDNCloud object storage can effectively avoid idle waste of storage and bandwidth resources.

Storage Acceleration

Edge storage can make full use of available link bandwidth, and data upload and download at edge nodes can be accelerated by more than 60% on average.

Easy to Expand

With CDNCloud object storage, your storage space is unlimited and you don't need to worry about capacity expansion. You can achieve elastic scaling of storage requirements, thereby increasing business agility.

Quick Start
Register and log in to the CDN console to complete real-name authentication. 01
Log in to the CDN console
In the CDNCloud console, select Configure to purchase storage space. 02
Purchase Object Storage Services
In the purchased storage space, you can create multiple storage buckets and generate exclusive codes to meet the needs of different development scenarios. 03
Create a Bucket
You can upload/download files in the bucket, or upload a valid download link to dump files. 04
Upload/Download files