Product Advantages

High Security

Backup data is encrypted and stored across data centers in three copies, with a durability of up to 99.99%, ensuring data security and reliability

Low Cost

On the basis that the first backup is a full-disk backup, subsequent backups can be incremental backups, and backups are paid according to usage, reducing costs

Flexible choice

You can choose automatic backup or manual backup according to the business content, and you can also choose full-disk backup or incremental backup as the backup mode

Simple to use

The easy-to-use cloud console provides routine operations such as automatic backup, manual backup, rollback, clone, and deletion, allowing you to get started quickly

Product Features

Basic backup

Not only supports the backup of the host system disk, but also supports the backup of the data disk

Backup migration

Users can migrate backups to other available regions through the backup migration function

Online backup

You can back up the running host or the data disk in use

Application Scenarios
It is suitable for applications with relatively high data security. In order to prevent system crashes or accidental deletion of data, etc., the operating system disk and data disk of the cloud host can be backed up.
Regular backup
Create an image based on the cloud server and create a backup of the data disk. Using mirroring and backup, multiple cloud servers with the same configuration can be quickly cloned.
Deployment business